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They are entrepreneurs, hackers, makers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors or investors.

They will be talking about the Lean Hardware startup movement and how the Shenzhen ecosystem will profoundly change the course of the future of consumer electronics.

  • Cyril Ebersweiler
  • Zach Smith
  • Benjamin Joffe
  • Bunnie Huang
  • Fabule
  • Helios
  • Roadie
  • Duncan Turner
  • Kenny Gibbs
  • Bassam Jalgha
  • Amanda Williams
  • Shawn Frayne


Event Time Speaker
Registration 1:00-2pm
Lean Hardware Series 2-2:15pm Cyril Ebersweiler
What's being lean? 2:15-2:30pm Bunnie Huang
Show & Tell: Roadie Tuner 2:30-2:40pm Bassam Jalgha
Prototyping Tools 2:40-2:55pm Zach Hoeken Smith
Show & Tell: Helios 2:55-3:05pm Kenny Gibbs
Bootstrapping 3:05-3-20pm Shawn Frayne
Show & Tell: Fabule 3:20-3:30pm Amanda Williams
Customer Discovery 3:30-3:45pm Duncan Turner
Building the right thing 3:45-4:00pm Benjamin Joffe
Networking 4:00-6:00pm


Haxlr8r Generator


1F, conference room of Technology building, Shenzhen University


Metro: Luobao Line Shenzhen University Exit C ,walk straight to Little East Gate (小东门)


Or Luobao Line Shenzhen University Exit A2, walk to North Gate(深大北门).


Here is the map:


Access to a bigger version of it, click HERE.

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GENERATOR is a new kind of conference event. From the people who brought you HAXLR8R. There will be hardware. And industrial music. And augmented reality steampunk goggles. And maybe a jetpack or two. GENERATOR is for the children. GENERATOR is against demons.

OK, OK, it's going to be mainly people talking on a stage for now. But interesting people. You like stories. We like stories too. And, amazingly, it's completely free!

We hosted GENERATOR V1.0 in Shenzhen last January (full recap here), and since it was awesome we realized that the best place to host a serious conference about hardware startups was... well, Shenzhen again.

So there you have it: the global and - more importantly - local hardware scene will gather on April 5th, 2014, for some action and share their experiences, successes and failures on a stage which will also allow participants to play with the latest innovations in the space. We'll keep it real.

Who is this for? Entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, product designers, hackers, factories, suppliers, solderers...

For more information/sponsor packages, please contact And follow us on Twitter.

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